Falling for February | Playlist
Feb Playlist.jpg

Another month, another playlist. 

Notable tracks: 

  • Thirdstory's Still In Love - They originally posted it as a live video on Facebook like two years ago, and I've been dying for a studio version ever since. Dreams come true kids.
  • Frank Ocean's cover of Moon River - Just cry about it. It's fine. I am too. 
  • Wolfie's Obi Wan - Solid song title. Just the right amount of groove. 
  • Lake Street Dive's Good Kisser - One of my favorite bands and they're getting ready to drop a new album. 
  • Joe Hertz/Bassette's Playing for You - I've been dancing to this for more than a month. Start boogie-ing too. 
  • Jordan Rakei's Add the Baseline - I don't care what else you do with your life as long as you promise to dance to this song for me. Okay? Thanks. 
January Jams | Playlist
Playlist - January

Last year my goal was to post a playlist every other week. Clearly, that didn't happen. 

Here's why: 

1. I am terrible at posting anything on here regularly. (Sorry.  Will this year be different? Hopefully?!)

2. I get stuck listening to the same things over and over again. 

3. I ended the year listening to a ton of Ben Howard and Bon Iver. (It was December, and cold, and perfect for sad guys with guitars. 


This year, I've decided to post a new playlist on a monthly basis. That way you get a longer playlist, that's more reflective of the things I've been obsessed with that month. 

January was a giant mess of overworking myself, getting my creative side up and running again, and a car accident (oops!). I spent most of the month updating this here website -- DO YOU LIKE IT? I do! As well as, taking all of the photos with some of my favorite people. There's plenty of new pictures scattered around here to see, and I'll also be posting more of them here. But these last two weeks I've had to slow myself down. I had the unfortunate pleasure of rear-ending someone on the highway one Saturday morning, and as a result, I've been massively sore and without a car for two weeks now. Luckily it wasn't much worse, but my bank account and my back are definitely not pleased with the current situation. 

I've been doing my best to look at the silver lining of all this though. Because I'm sans-wheels this week, I've been working from home. I kid you not, this week has been the most productive week I've had in MONTHS. Seriously, I've worked into the night almost every night this week. It's great. I love it. I'm not being facetious here. I feel like I've crossed off so many things on my to-do list. How is that possible? (Probably because I don't have to waste time getting ready in the morning, or commuting 30 minutes (an hour really) each way.  


January's playlist has some notable moments. Eliza (Doolittle -- remember the 2010 hit Skinny Jeans? Well, she's back) dropped Wasn't Looking and it's groovy. That's the only descriptor I'm going to give it. Sorry! I also fell in love with this band out of Alabama called The Brook and the Bluff. They haven't put a lot out yet, but what's available is so worth tuning into. I threw in a little bit of SZA and a touch of Billie Eilish, both are badass babes making real names for themselves lately. SZA was nominated for 5 Grammy's (and subsequently robbed of Best New Artist) and Billie is only 16! But I ended the playlist with Give Hope, a spoken word piece by Anthony Anaxagorou accompanied by Karim Kamar. It's magical and important. Please listen to it. 

Weekender | V.16
Weekender Playlist.png

August flew by -- a blur of suitcases, cityscapes, and new faces. I spent one a weekend in San Francisco dancing around at Outside Lands, and then popped down to LA a few weeks later to attend Yellow Conference. (Which, by the way, was absolutely incredible and empowering. I'm so inspired to make some changes around here soon.) Somehow we're nearly through September, and it's finally starting to cool down out there. I'm talking one layer of sleeves if we're lucky. But I'll take what I can get. Just waiting for fall to really set in so I can break out my boots! I'm sure we'll be in scarves soon enough though! 

That being said this playlist has been a long time coming. It's been just sitting in my Spotify account since the end of July. It's been in my commute cycle constantly and I thought it was finally time I released it into the wild. 

This is probably the longest playlist I've shared with you all. It's nearly 2.5 hours long, and while it starts out slow and mellow about halfway through it picks up the pace. I opened it with some really beautiful covers from Years & Years (Joni Mitchell's 'Both Sides Now'), Ady Suleiman (Bill Withers' 'Lean on Me'), and the Staves (Bruce Springsteen's 'I'm on Fire'). While listening, please take the time to cry a little bit over Amber Run's 'Haze' and Ben Howard's 'Old Pine'. I'd like to think that Jacob Banks' 'Sink or Swim' is the turning point where things start to pick up. Some of my other favorites are Alice Gray's 'Pink Cadillac', Billie Eilish's 'Bellyache' (Marian Hill Remix), and Ryn Weaver's 'Pierre'. Also, I put a few tracks from Dua Lipa in here. Her debut album was the perfect background for summer. She just did a cover of Amy Winehouse's 'Tears Dry on Their Own' with Gallant for Amy's 34th birthday (Can we just take a second to recognize how immensely talented Amy was?). Lastly, I closed the playlist out with Sevdaliza's 'Human'. It's equal parts dope and weird as hell. 

Something Sweet Series

Sometimes you just need a little something sweet to make a Monday morning less sour.

I think I've watched this Ben Howard at Lowlands 2012 video at least 10 times in the past week alone. It's the perfect video to put on while you're going about your other business. But before you dive right into your work with this magical man as a soundtrack, take the time to watch the first song -- 'Depth over Distance'. It starts at about 2:30 and ends around 9:30. (Also picture me shedding tears to how amazing this is.)

If you're curious as to what Ben Howard's been up to lately, check out the track from A Blaze of Feather below. He's teamed up with his touring band to create this album. They were announced to be playing a few of the bigger UK festivals this year before they'd even released any tracks. 

Photo Diary: Rose Garden

According to all those who frequently post quotes, Claude Monet once said (wrote?), "I must have flowers, always and always" And I'm over here like, "Same, homie."

This past weekend I co-hosted a Sacramento Fashion meet up for bloggers and photographers. It was such a gorgeous, positive afternoon and I definitely have some portraits coming your way, but the real highlight was getting to borrow my friend's 75mm & 45mm lenses. I took way too many pictures of flowers. I have no shame. 


So as my girl, Miranda Priestly said, "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking."

Favorite Coachella Looks

The most FOMO-inducing weekend of the year has come and gone. After all the countless Instagram Stories, live stream sessions, and hashtag scrolling, the #NoChella peasant had to endure, it's time to wrap up the weekend with some of my favorite looks of Coachella Weekend 1. 

First of all, WeWoreWhat's Danielle Bernstein is always killing it. It's literally her job, so none of us are surprised. But I loved her Day 2 look -- those braids, that shiny dress, and all the denim fringe you could possibly want. (So much denim fringe this weekend, I'm into it.)

Rocky Barne's gorgeous fringe dress. (Seriously... give me all the fringe.)

This braid from Janni Delรฉr. 

Obsessed with Camilla Coehlo's entire weekend wardrobe -- especailly this painted jean jacklket. 

And as we all know I'm basically in love with anything Claire (HeyClaire) does ever. This look is no exception. (See, I told you. #FringeForver.)

Another look, more fringe. (I'm not joking here.)

And Jac Vanek for all your angelic vibes. Only she and all the Victoria Secret models could pull a look like this off. (Hey, no fringe!)


So if lots of denim, baker boy hats, bandanas, and endless amounts of fringe are what we have to look forward to this summer, please count me in. 

Weekender | V.15 -- Sunday Sounds

It was bound to happen, a playlist exclusively featuring songs with Sunday in the title. How gimmicky is that? Super. I know. 

But I searched through a surprisingly saturated selection of songs about Sundays (say that five times fast?) and collected some of my very favorites. 

We have to talk about my love for Etta James, and her song 'Sunday Kind of Love'. It's probably one of my favorite songs in all the land. She was just so incredibly talented. It took me years, but a few months ago I found her At Last! on vinyl and I may have shed a single happy tear. Of course, I threw in some Eryn Allen Kane and Chance the Rapper a la Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment, because I cannot stop listening to either of them.  There's also the ultimate Maroon 5 Sunday classic "Sunday Morning". I couldn't help but add in my favorite emo Sunday song, "Remembering Sunday" by All Time Low. I must it admit it's super eclectic and not really cohesive, but whatever. I'm putting it out in the world, and I really hope you enjoy it. 



Weekender | V.14

It's March! Well, it's been March for a while, but we're only going to acknowledge it here and now. The sun has finally emerged and I can start putting all my winter clothes away. Thank goodness. I've been ready for spring dresses and sandals for ages (socks are the worst). 

It's been a super exciting week over here. I may have a lot more projects in the pipeline, and I can't tell you how excited I am about them. Stay tuned friends. 

This playlist has a lot of killer ladies on it, including Gabrielle Aplin, AURORA, Sabrina Claudio, and my girl Eryn Allen Kane (Secretly she's on here twice). AURORA's whole album is worth checking out. She has this etherial vibe going on. I threw in Sylvan Esso's new track "Die Young", because they're always killing it. If you're planning on listening to their old album, may I suggest "Coffee" or "H.S.K.T.". We also need to talk about Stormzy's new album Gang Signs & Prayer. It's so good. He's really picking up steam in the UK, so I would bet real money on him breaking America soon. Then there's "Sunday Candy" from Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment, a group led by former Kids These Days members. It's a bit of an older track, but how can you not love a song with Chance the Rapper singing about his grandma. It also features the unreal talent of Eryn Allen Kane, who continues to amaze me and is featured yet again on one of these playlists. 

I hope you have a great rest of your week. Cheers to any upcoming St. Patrick's Day festivities this weekend. I'm off to Oakland on Saturday to see Lake Street Dive. 

Laughable Life Updates

Let's all laugh at how many times I've said, I'll post on here more. It's a lot, and clearly I'm full of empty promises and delusions of grandeur. Seriously, I have no real excuse as to why I can't seem to get my act together. I've written many to-do lists, all of which have the words "Write a post" listed, and I've managed to completely ignore that friendly reminder. 

Sure, I have ideas of things I want to write. I have titles and summaries for at least 10 posts, but I feel like none of them really want to be written (or I cannot find the right words for them). 

But for the 3009th time, let's try* this whole thing again. 

Here's a little life update for you: 

  • I've been sick for like two weeks. The amount of tissues I've used is both gross and impressive. But I'm so ready to be healthy again. 
  • Trying to step all my social channels up. I've been taking HootSuite's Social Media Strategy courses lately, and have found a lot of their information really helpful. That being said, if you aren't already following me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest... Do it now. (#desperate) 
  • I'm looking at taking more Marketing/Advertising courses online. Please let me know if you have any recommendations. I've found a program that seems super rad, but holy hell I cannot afford their prices. 
  • I'm obsessed with lentil pasta. No shame. It definitely has a different flavor and texture compare to regular pasta, but I really like the added flavor -- especially any of the red lentil ones. Throw all the veggies on top of it and it's perfect. 
  • Cannot. Stop. Watching. Criminal. Minds. Why is it so addicting? 

That's it. That's all I've got. Just trying to figure out how to be a real ass adult who gets their shit done on time. 


*Don't trust me on this one. 

Weekender | V.13

1. Let's just acknowledge it now -- I am the actual worst and should probably never classify myself as a blogger since I'm so terrible at consistently posting. Like, I should probably make a New Year's resolution to put more effort into posting, but I'm just not going to. Soz, babes. I will make more of an effort for you though.  

2. We also need to acknowledge that it's pretty dope that this is Weekender | V.13 and I'm posting it on Friday the 13th. (Also, considering getting another piercing, because it's cheap and why not?)

3. Today, I went to my local Creative Mornings meet up where I drank all the coffee, and am now very caffeinated. If there's a group in your city, I highly recommend attending their next event. It's a great way to meet other local creatives, hear an interesting lecture, and find some inspiration for your Friday. Today's take away from writer Melody Stone (@Melody_Stone) is "Don't discount that 'What the Fuck' moment." 


4. This playlist is just a collection of artists I've been obsessed with for the last few weeks. Sinead Harnett's whole EP has been on repeat constantly. Her track "No Other Way" was on my very first Weekender. Basically, I just think the sun shines out of her face, and that there's a strong likelihood we're going to be seeing a lot from her this summer.  Bibi Bourelly's track "Perfect (ft. Earl St. Clair)", is bluesy, and wonderful. Fun fact: she wrote Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money". I'm also obsessing over NAO again. Her song "Bad Blood" was my go to last spring (Weekender | V.5), but her whole album has been on repeat this past week. I'm still really digging Klangstof, Allan Rayman, and JONES, who all have plenty of excellent tracks to check out.  

5. Have an excellent weekend friends! I'll be in search of eggs florentine and bottomless mimosas. Cheers! 


Something Sweet Series

Sometimes you just need a little something sweet to make a Monday morning less sour.

So I'm not sure when Shihan performed this Saul Williams piece on Def Poetry. But I distinctly remember watching it in high school and being so impressed with the delivery and the message. It's just so sweet. I took an Intro to Acting class in college (Waddup GEs?), and our final was to do a 5-minute soliloquy. Guess what I picked. 

P.S. My delivery was nowhere near as good as this, there is a definitive reason why I try to avoid public speaking. 




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Weekender | V.12

Holy hell. How is it December? I know I say this all the time, but how has this year gone by so fast? If we're being real here, I'm stoked 2016 is almost over. What a crazy year this has been. (I'm side-eyeing you America). 


This playlist is just a combination of songs I'd want to dance to and songs I'd probably cry at if need be. Really digging Jessie J's cover of Can't Take My Eyes Off of You, but let us never forget Heath Ledger singing it while sliding down the flagpole during 10 Things I Hate About You.  Also, I'm mildly to moderately obsessed with Daniel Ceasar. I think I threw one of his other tracks onto V.7. I'm anticipating great things from him in the next few years. Labrinth, RY X, Josiah Bell and Mantaraybryn are all so immensely talented and I just want to lightly weep over their music. 


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Something Sweet Series

Sometimes you just need a little something sweet to make a Monday morning less sour.

I've been obsessing over Thirdstory since December of 2014. They basically just ooze out talent, and I can't stop swooning over their harmonies. I saw them in September while visiting Chicago and managed to slip my way to the front. I can neither confirm, nor deny, the presence of a single tear. But put them on your radar. I have a feeling their going to release a full length album in the next 6 months or so. Here's a Ted performance of their first EP. 

Something Sweet Series

Sometimes you just need a little something sweet to make a Monday morning less sour. 

Last week I stumbled upon the website for Creative Mornings. It's an organization  
that brings the creative community together in a series of breakfast events in 150+ cities. Luckily, they record and post their talks. After watching a ton of videos, I sat down and really listened to this talk from Holley Murchison titled '8 Lessons in Love'. Take the 33 minutes and appreciate Holley explaining how to choose love. 

"If we are going to change the world, we have to be open to the perspectives of what other people are going through -- whether you've experienced it firsthand or not." - Holley Murchison 

Weekender | V.11

Holy shit. It's November. How did that happen? I swear I was just ringing in 2016 a few weeks ago. Apparently not?! 

I've pulled a few of the tracks from this week's playlist from my Discovery Weekly playlist Spotify puts together. If you're not already listening to it every Monday, then you're missing out on exciting musical things. Take note of Nick Wilson's 'Closer' because for some reason I can't seem to get it out of my head. I've also thrown in a song off of Tove Love's new album, which is pretty kick ass. Also, apparently Will Smith's kids have the musical talents, and it took me at least a week before I realized that the track 'Wait a Minute!' comes from his daughter Willow. What?! How?! We also need to talk about Shawn Mendes, because while I recognize that he is probably a teenage dreamboat, he's got a huge amount of soul buried in his little 18-year-old body. The song 'Ruin' is a jam. It was probably one of my most played tracks in October (#noshame). Seriously, I can't stop listening to it. 

Hit play, and have a great weekend. 

P.S. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE ON TUESDAY THE 8TH. Seriously though, read up on all the measures and vote for the better candidate at every level. 

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My Tiny Travels #7: Los Angeles

August was a whirlwind. I moved out of my parent's house and into my very own space. My roommate and I have been slowly creating a home out of our little place. The weekend after I moved in, I packed up my little weekend bag and made my way to LA. 

It had been a really rough Friday. I had received some bad news early on in the day and was still taking it all on as I headed to the airport. Real talk friends, I was totally the girl full crying at the airport. Thankfully, my plane was headed in the direction of all my favorite humans. So it was into the arms of loved ones I went. While it wasn't the most exciting or adventurous weekend, it was so cathartic and definitely, the space I needed to be in. 

My dear friend Neil picked me up from LAX, and we headed to Silver Lake -- home of the bougie coffee shops, unreal vegan restaurants, and many a wide brim hat. Once in Silver Lake, I was getting rather hangry, and demanded to be fed. Now, I have zero shame in telling you all this. But of the three days I spent in LA, I ate at Flore every single one. Please open a location in Sacramento so I can give you all my money. Their breakfast burrito is every vegan's dream: tempeh bacon, cashew cheese, potatoes, tofu scramble. (Insert praise hands emoji here)

After I fully stuffed my face with the most delicious seitan tacos, we returned to Neil's to catch up and watch my all time favorite movie: The Princess Bride. I cannot count how many times I've watched that movie.  I've also read the original novel it was based on, and if you've never considered opening it, you're sorely missing out. William Goldman is an absolutely brilliant author. It's so incredibly clever and well written. 

Now I didn't just head to LA all willy-nilly. The big, most wonderful reason for my visit was to see the ultimate sob queen, Adele. My college roommates and I had been planning this trip since last November. It was a great opportunity to see an incredible artist, but it was really just an excuse to catch up with my Summer '13 girls. 

As has been well established by now, I have a thing for walls. Bright walls, patterned walls, monochromatic walls -- basically if it looks hip as hell I'm into it. Silver Lake is covered in walls that just demand to be photographed. My absolute favorite was this piece, painted by Dallas Clayton a children's book author and illustrator.  

Saturday morning in Silver Lake was spent eating Flore, wandering the streets in search of wonderful walls, and a quick stop in the market down the street from Neil's place. After purchasing some dainty pieces of jewelry, Megan and I headed into downtown LA to meet up with Tanya.

Downtown LA is probably pretty cool? I'm really not sure. We spent all of 30 minutes wandering around, but it was mostly spent in front of three really eclectic walls. 

We hopped into a cab to meet up with the rest of our crew over in the Art District for a few beers at Angel City Brew. 



A few beers, some wine, and a delicious Mexican meal later, we headed into Staples Center to begin an evening of laughter, music, and few tears. Okay, maybe more than a few tears. It was Adele after all. I have a few frames taken of the show, but we were so far from the stage, you wouldn't really care to see it anyway. Just know that she is an absolute angel, both vocally and as a human. For someone who creates such a heartbreaking music, she's the total opposite in between songs. There are very few other artists that create incredible art and are absolutely hilarious on stage. 

The following morning, it took us a while to get moving but we eventually found ourselves back at Flore to feast on all the vegan eats. Food coma or bust, we needed to head for coffee immediately. Luckily Silver Lake is inundated with amazing coffee shops. The previous day we'd wandered into Intelligentsia, so for our Sunday pick me up with strolled into the opposite direction towards Alfred Coffee & Tea. At the time of my trip they were doing a promotion with the dating app Bumble. Every coffee sleeve had a cute pun on it. Check these out. 

With the remainder of our Sunday, we headed over to Neil's Mom's house for an early dinner. His mom is the actual coolest. She's an author and has just a released her newest book, "Harley and Me". I have it sitting on my nightstand waiting to be read. I promise to get to it one of these rainy days. 

Less then 48 hours from when I arrived, I was in a car traveling back to the airport. It was exactly the kind of weekend I needed -- surrounded by my favorite humans, important conversations, and magical music. 

Weekender | V.10

Happy Friday friends! I've been curled up in my bed for most of this last week. I've been trying to fight off all the gnarly germs floating around, but they finally caught up to me. I was out most of the day Wednesday and Thursday. I'm starting to feel more human, but definitely not fully there yet. 

But I couldn't let another week go by without posting a new playlist. Especially since the last few weeks have been inundated with new albums. I tried to grab a few tracks from some of my new favorite albums. It's seriously been a month or so of fantastic album releases. Important new albums to note are: Bon Iver, Banks, The Head and the Heart, Kings of Leon, and Solange. I've been non-stop listening to the Banks and The Head and the Heart albums. Definitely take the time to listen to them all the way through. You'll find your gems. 

Have a great weekend. Hopefully this rain isn't going to get the best of you. 

My Tiny Travels #6: Napa/Sonoma

This summer's heat was brutal. What the heck sun? Why you gotta be so hot? Though I suppose it's something we expect living in Sacramento. Mildly rainy winters, disgustingly hot summers. I'm sure somewhere in the world there is someone who appreciates the sweltering summer, I, on the other hand, am a fall girl through and through. Yes, I am basic. But I don't care, there's something lovely about the autumn breeze, the falling leaves and layering up, that really pleases me. Though I am firmly against this ridiculous notion of putting pumpkin into a latte. Hard pass on that one. 

As the weather here begins to cool, I should probably recap my quick travel in July. In an effort to escape the heat, and to celebrate my Mom's birthday we hopped into the car and headed to Napa for the shortest day among the vines. 

Our first stop in Napa was the Oxbow Public Market. It's a frequent destination anytime the family heads to wine country. They have this restaurant there called Kitchen Door. It's so Instagram-worthy. Have a look: 


After an amazing lunch, we headed off in search of wine. My friend had told me about this winery/castle in Calistoga so naturally, we had to go there. We pulled up to Castle Di Amorosa, and it's actually the most stunning place. I'm sure there are hundreds of people that get married there. While it definitely had that Italian vibe to it, I could only think of the castles in Windsor and Kent that I visited in England.  Did I pretend like I was back there? Hell yes. All the castles, all the time, please. 

We wandered through the vineyards, the castle's walls, and eventually headed downstairs to taste the wine. They keep all their wine in the cellar, and in order to get to the tasting room, you have to wander through dusty, empty bottles. It was a bit crypt-like down there. The wine itself was pretty great, and while I'm typically a cabernet kind of girl, their roseยดwas worthy of the ultimate basic swoon.   

Pressed for time, we sped off towards Sonoma. My dad was desperate to get to Enkidu's tasting room. We had opened a bottle of theirs a few weeks prior, and it was fantastic. In a fashion very typical of my family, we got lost on the way and just barely made it in time to purchase wine. 

The owners of Enkidu recommend we head in Glen Ellen to the Girl and the Fig's sister cafe: The Fig Cafe. Apparently, Glen Ellen is a very tiny town, and they have a similar bridge to the opening credits of One Tree Hill, so you can bet that I sang Gavin Degraw's "I Don't Want To Be" the whole way across it. The Fig Cafe was excellent. It's just this little tiny place, but their food was all farm to fork; and they had figs everything -- the walls, the food, the drinks, even the soap in the bathroom was fig. 

We  sufficiently stuffed our faces with delicious eats, rolled ourselves back to the car, and returned to the heat of Sacramento.