Weekender | V.15 -- Sunday Sounds

It was bound to happen, a playlist exclusively featuring songs with Sunday in the title. How gimmicky is that? Super. I know. 

But I searched through a surprisingly saturated selection of songs about Sundays (say that five times fast?) and collected some of my very favorites. 

We have to talk about my love for Etta James, and her song 'Sunday Kind of Love'. It's probably one of my favorite songs in all the land. She was just so incredibly talented. It took me years, but a few months ago I found her At Last! on vinyl and I may have shed a single happy tear. Of course, I threw in some Eryn Allen Kane and Chance the Rapper a la Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment, because I cannot stop listening to either of them.  There's also the ultimate Maroon 5 Sunday classic "Sunday Morning". I couldn't help but add in my favorite emo Sunday song, "Remembering Sunday" by All Time Low. I must it admit it's super eclectic and not really cohesive, but whatever. I'm putting it out in the world, and I really hope you enjoy it.