Oh Hey May | Playlist

May Playlist.png

Another month, another playlist. 


  • Ray Lamontagne's "Let's Make It Last" - Ray's back with a new album and it has all the scruff and swoon that we missed during the Ouroboros era (not that it was a bad album, just a bit less swoony than I prefer). 
  • Speaking of new albums, The Kooks are slowly rolling out singles for their new album. Their new track "All the Time" has a pretty catchy chorus and solid baseline. I'm in for this new era.  (While we're talking about new album from British bands, how are we feeling about the new Arctic Monkey's album? I'm not fully invested in it, tbh)
  • Rosehardt's "Fall Into You" was COLORS youtube video find. And has been stuck in my head for ages. 
  • Justin Nozuka's "All I Need" reminds me of another song or artist and I can't quite figure out who it is. But I still dig it. 
  • When life gives you lemons, listen to Iris Temple's "Lemonde".
  • Bruno Major's cover of "Like Someone in Love" is the ultimate swoon. I saw him play at a local venue this month, and in a set packed of really wonderful songs, this cover continues to stand out to me.