Weekender | V.13

1. Let's just acknowledge it now -- I am the actual worst and should probably never classify myself as a blogger since I'm so terrible at consistently posting. Like, I should probably make a New Year's resolution to put more effort into posting, but I'm just not going to. Soz, babes. I will make more of an effort for you though.  

2. We also need to acknowledge that it's pretty dope that this is Weekender | V.13 and I'm posting it on Friday the 13th. (Also, considering getting another piercing, because it's cheap and why not?)

3. Today, I went to my local Creative Mornings meet up where I drank all the coffee, and am now very caffeinated. If there's a group in your city, I highly recommend attending their next event. It's a great way to meet other local creatives, hear an interesting lecture, and find some inspiration for your Friday. Today's take away from writer Melody Stone (@Melody_Stone) is "Don't discount that 'What the Fuck' moment." 


4. This playlist is just a collection of artists I've been obsessed with for the last few weeks. Sinead Harnett's whole EP has been on repeat constantly. Her track "No Other Way" was on my very first Weekender. Basically, I just think the sun shines out of her face, and that there's a strong likelihood we're going to be seeing a lot from her this summer.  Bibi Bourelly's track "Perfect (ft. Earl St. Clair)", is bluesy, and wonderful. Fun fact: she wrote Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money". I'm also obsessing over NAO again. Her song "Bad Blood" was my go to last spring (Weekender | V.5), but her whole album has been on repeat this past week. I'm still really digging Klangstof, Allan Rayman, and JONES, who all have plenty of excellent tracks to check out.  

5. Have an excellent weekend friends! I'll be in search of eggs florentine and bottomless mimosas. Cheers!