Where do you live? 

I'm a Sacramento resident. But I travel to other cities regularly (especially Los Angeles/San Diego). 

Do you offer social media services?

You bet! Looking for a consult on your current accounts? I got you. Looking to have someone manage your pages? Let's talk. Looking to start running paid ads? Let's get targeting. Product photography? You already know the answer is yes. 

Do you run sponsored posts? 

I do. But I try to make sure that any sponsored content is relevant to my audience. 


Are you a plant based? 

I like to say that I'm socially vegetarian, privately plant based. AKA I'll eat dairy and eggs if I'm out at a restaurant or at someone's home, but I prefer to cook all my meals at home plant based. The amount of nutritional yeast I go through is very high. 

What do you shoot with?

my current set up is the olympus OM-D e-M5II with a 45mm prime lens. Any photos on this website have been taken by me, unless otherwise indicated.