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Hello Friends!

My name is Kyra, and I'm a twenty-seven year-old living in Sacramento, California. It wasn't always my dream to end up back in Sacramento after college. But after three years at UC Santa Barbara and a year a King's College London, I returned home with an english degree in hand.

It took a few years, but I've completely fallen for Sacramento. My little midtown apartment is walking distance from my favorite coffee shops, the Thai place I love, and an abundance of creative people I'm lucky to call friends and inspirations. 

I floated around slightly aimlessly for a year, before landing a role with a local Digital Advertising agency. I now spend my weekdays building ads on various Digital Advertising platforms. 

My social media obsession has become day job, and my evening passion. While I love the thought process that goes into Paid Social Advertising, my real love is figuring out how to navigate and leverage Social Media platforms holistically. Seriously, I'm constantly scrolling instagram, reading up on the latest trends, and taking online courses on digital marketing.

Most Saturdays you can find me at a local coffee shop with an almond milk latte, my laptop, and hopefully not a hangover.