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Music is a such a massive part of everyday life. It's the soundtrack for your morning routine, the motivator during cardio, the rush hour karaoke playlist -- my favorite form of expression. I have zero musical talents. I've relegated my singing to the shower and solo car rides. You're welcome for that friends. 

But I love music. I mostly function in the folk/singer-songwriter zone, but I grew up with voices like Stevie Wonder and Amy Winehouse so I love it when a performer is vocally stunning. Some days I'll listen to the crooners of the past, other days it's Beyonce on repeat. I guess what I'm trying to say is... I like it all. 

I aim to post a playlist a week, but life happens and there may be Fridays that the playlist doesn't happen. C'est la vie. 

This first playlist as been on repeat for a while now. About as long as it's taken me to actually create this darn website. It's got a few of my favorites in there. I really love Jimi Charles Moody's voice in "Blue Honey". And I had to add an Ady Sulieman song in here. I've been listening to him for a few years now. I caught an acoustic video he did with the Mahogany Sessions and I immediately fell in love with his tone. If you only listen to one song, please let it be his. 

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