My Tiny Travels #1: Los Angeles

Now if you’ve ever met me outside of the internet, you know that I absolutely love live music. I spent most of my study abroad money on seeing shows. So it won’t come as a shock to hear that I packed my bags and headed south to see a concert. 


About three years ago I saw a video of Matt Corby covering The Black Key’s “Lonely Boy” and I immediately hooked on his vocals. I mean, see for yourself: 



His EP’s have been in constant rotation since. So when I saw he was touring, but only playing four US shows, I decided it was time to make the trip to LA that I’d been promising my friends for years. 

I’ll probably should repeat this many times, but I’ve been so very lucky to have met such incredible people in college. And the two boys that pulled into the arrivals pick-up late Friday night are no exception. They were my partners-in-crime and truly made me the happiest girl all weekend long. 


Saturday morning in Silver Lake, we crawled out bed and headed to their favorite Vegan restaurant — Flore. I have never seen such beautiful avocado toast. It was loaded with Sriracha, edamame, vegan ricotta, sprouts, and chili flakes, and quite frankly it was very difficult to eat but very delicious. I ended trading half my toast for half of a breakfast burrito. I think we were all the epitome of the heart-eye emoji over this meal. (Honestly I was basically heart-eye emoji over every meal I ate while there. So much great food) 


Once we stopped stuffing our faces, we headed to The Broad museum. I tricked both of them into swooning over art with me all weekend long. Look how beautiful it all was:


That night, post- ramen, became a reunion of my favorite humans. We headed to Mrs. Fish where my beautiful friend Margot works. My roommate from college came, as well as my best friends from childhood. I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to spend a Saturday night with. 


But the morning after was struggle central for all of us. We went in search of coffee and stumbled across this wall. 


Eventually we decided that the best way to cure a hangover was to drink more. Clearly brunch was invented for a reason. We packed ourselves into the car and headed to Venice to meet up with Margot and drink our weight in mimosas at Sunny Spot.  


After a home-cooked dinner and a glorious sleep, I dragged the boys to yet another museum: the LACMA. While The Broad has some crazy and wonderful art, the LACMA was filled with pieces from my favorite artists. It was actual swoon city. 


Rothko, Monet, Magritte, Mondrian, Liechtenstein, Picasso, Twombly, and Kandinsky — do you understand my love yet? I could’ve spent hours there, but I’ll have to save it for another trip. 


Monday night, we headed to the Teragram Ballroom to see Matt Corby. Let me be very clear here, I have spent an excessive amount of my life standing in concert venues, and there are very few artists that have wowed me as much as he did. His set was a mixture of older tracks and new songs from his upcoming album. No matter what he was singing, his rich vocals filled the entire room. It was unreal. He closed his set with a cover of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come”, and I just about lost it. His new album is set to be released on March 11th. Go listen now. 


As great as Monday night was, getting up at 4am to fly home on Tuesday was the worst. I barely made it through security in time to board. I was definitely that girl running through the airport. Sorry! 


My first Tiny Travel was a total success. I think I may need to spend a lot more time in LA with my people. 


Next up: San Francisco 




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