Weekender | V.2

The weather here Sacramento has turned from cozy and rainy, to the epitome of springtime sunlight. The trees have already started to flower and for some reason we have the worst smelling ones in our parking lot at work. Apparently they're popular in many cities since they're pretty resistant to diseases. But please picture Ann Perkins from Parks and Recreation saying the following: "I know they're pretty, but GOD at what cost?!"

With the weather turning, and the work load building, I haven't kept to my self-imposed schedule of posting one of these once a week. I've been quite terrible at searching for new sounds. I've just been commuting to my favorite Pandora stations (September - Earth, Wind, & Fire, S Club 7, Leon Bridges...).  

Since things have been so hectic I've tried to find sounds to slow down too. This collection has a few tunes that come from people I've met along my travels. 'The Bayou' by Iron Eyes Cody is absolute stunning. I met the vocalist last spring in Florida while visiting my friend Chelsea (who happens to be the photographer behind their album cover).  Her voice has this slight husk that I absolutely love. I've had it spinning around my head for weeks. Another track in comes from a Sacramento local, who I saw play at a Starbuck open mic about 4-5 years ago. He just released his debut album under the pseudonym Mansuit. On a rainy afternoon (which hopefully we have a few more of), his album is the perfect driving music. I especially love the track 'Little Metal Box'.  

I've also thrown in 'Ocean' by John Butler Trio which is almost twelve minutes of pure excellence. There's also a new track from Matt Corby and The Lumineers, both of whom have new albums on the way. 

Let me know what you think, who you're listening to, or what your weekend plans are!

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