Weekender | V.3

Alas, I still haven’t been able to get a serious post up in weeks. I’ve got half a post about a recent San Francisco trip written, and another on deck about at photoshoot with an inspiring local. But I am failing at getting things done. It could be the weather, or lack of sleep, but I need to stop making excuses and start making things happen. Can I hire someone to motivate me? Just a constant friend to text me and be like did you do the thing? No? Fine. I’ll make a better to-do list. 


Meanwhile, I’ve been on a serious Etta James kick. Her song “A Sunday Kind of Love” has been stuck in my head since last Sunday. It’s been a few weeks of jamming Etta James and Sam Cooke on repeat. I’m unashamed of my love for artists of that era. But I’ve also really been digging artists that sounds like they’ve been influenced by Etta and Sam. 


With this playlist, I’ve thrown in some Leon Bridges and Son Little who sound like they’ve taking a turn in Sam’s shoes. There’s also a track from GoldFord who’s album has been playing in the background of my workday for weeks. And of course, Lake Street Dive. Their albums are constantly in rotation. You can probably catch me Car-eoking to them at least twice a week. 


What are some good motivation tricks you have? Share!