Weekender | V.5

Okay, listen. I've been indulging in some serious guilty pleasures this week. I just found out about this show called Outlander and I've been binge watching the first season (hellooooo Scottish accent swooning). I splurged on a glass of 'fancy' wine at dinner the other night. And I cannot stop listening Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman". I don't know why, but I have no shame on the amount of times I've hit replay. 

So naturally this playlist had to start with Ariana belting it. Despite my typical aversion to anything slightly country, I added in Chris Stapleton's "Tennessee Whiskey" because it's been stuck in my head repeatedly for a few weeks now. The rest of the tracks are a pretty mellow collection -- lots of piano action going on here this week.

I tried to post this on Friday, but things got a bit hectic. So here's a Monday Weekender (or Week-Beginner.)