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Photo Diary: Rose Garden

According to all those who frequently post quotes, Claude Monet once said (wrote?), "I must have flowers, always and always" And I'm over here like, "Same, homie."

This past weekend I co-hosted a Sacramento Fashion meet up for bloggers and photographers. It was such a gorgeous, positive afternoon and I definitely have some portraits coming your way, but the real highlight was getting to borrow my friend's 75mm & 45mm lenses. I took way too many pictures of flowers. I have no shame. 


So as my girl, Miranda Priestly said, "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking."

Photo Diary: Lissa's Too Good for You

I'm very lucky to have friends who are all kinds of hilarious, lovely, and gorgeous.  Lissa (or Liz) is annoyingly photogenic, and sassy. But she's also the best. I think for the last year or so, our Facebook profile pictures have been exclusively taken by each other. 

Last week, I decided we needed to channel Selena Gomez's video for "Good For You" in a photoshoot. Thankfully Lissa was down to get her model on at my old elementary school. I'm basically obsessed with how all of these photos ended up. Way to slay. 


I even let her snap a few of me.

Photo Diary: Bubbles and Bloggers

A few weeks ago, I met up with the always lovely Meaghan ( to shoot photos for her Sacramento Fashion IG takeover. After grabbing coffee to cure the Saturday morning struggles, we wandered in search of new walls. 

Shout out to the homie, Scott, for his incredible bubble blowing (and occasional modeling) skills. 


Check out more of Meaghan's adventures on IG: @Pebble_and_Pearl


Photo Diary: A Sunny Sunday

On a sunny Sunday in February I met up with my friend Melinda at one of my favorite Sacramento coffee shops: Old Soul at the Weatherstone. After successfully consuming almond milk lattes we took to the streets to see what my favorite J street alleyways had to offer.

Melinda Watts is a successful gospel artist and founder of Glam Camp for Girls, a leadership and mentoring camp for teen girls across the country. Melinda and I met a few months ago when a couple of her Glam Camp interns found me through Instagram. It's been such a pleasure getting to know her and learn more about the many hats she wears (mother, singer, songwriter, founder, wedding planner, etc.).  

To learn more, check out her out on Instagram: @melindawatts & @glamcampforgirls (