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Life Lessons on Loss and Light

Oh man, it's been quite a while since I've actually posted content on here. In all fairness, I've been doing a lot of life lately. While I've been doing some great living, things like moving into my new apartment, jumping down to L.A. for a quick weekend with some friends and to see the ultimate queen Adele, a few trips into San Francisco to catch up with some of my London ladies. I also had to experience a hard moment in life. As a warning to you, this may get a little sad. 

When I was growing up, no one really warned me how truly difficult this whole life thing can be. They don't tell you that there are pieces of adulthood sometimes feel insurmountable. Whether that's figuring out the next step to take, realizing that friendship doesn't always last, or that despite how much you care about someone, their demons are not your responsibility to tame. But I think the hardest lesson I've learned is about death. I recognize that there are people who experience this early on in their life, and for that, I am so sorry. But this month gave me one of my first real experiences with death. 

I've felt deaths before. I cried many tears at my wonderful Grandmother's funeral. I've felt the loss of classmates and artists I've admired. This month the world lost one of the brightest lights I've ever known. I've been struggling for weeks to find the right words to honor how much she changed my life and influenced the person I am today. She was a coach, a mentor, a confidant, and the person I was most inspired by in high school. She was like the older sister I never had, but always imagined one to be. She pushed me to work harder, taught me about leadership, and granted me the opportunity to meet a phenomenal group of girls I still call friends. I've been so busy with work and traveling that I haven't had the time to really process this. I think I've been feeling a bit lost since I heard the news. Like it doesn't feel like it's actually happened. But I know it has. I also know that she was a woman who tried to fill as many moments as she could with love and delight. And that brings me, and I'm sure many others who loved her solace. She would want us to listen to our music, dance in our cars, adventure to far away places, and love ferociously.

And in her honor, I'm trying to move forward with her spirit in mind. I promise to always dance to the songs we loved and to find delight in the simple things. Even if I look like a loon in the middle of a crowded street.

There's a lot we need to catch up on friends. Stay tuned...