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Weekender | V.10

Happy Friday friends! I've been curled up in my bed for most of this last week. I've been trying to fight off all the gnarly germs floating around, but they finally caught up to me. I was out most of the day Wednesday and Thursday. I'm starting to feel more human, but definitely not fully there yet. 

But I couldn't let another week go by without posting a new playlist. Especially since the last few weeks have been inundated with new albums. I tried to grab a few tracks from some of my new favorite albums. It's seriously been a month or so of fantastic album releases. Important new albums to note are: Bon Iver, Banks, The Head and the Heart, Kings of Leon, and Solange. I've been non-stop listening to the Banks and The Head and the Heart albums. Definitely take the time to listen to them all the way through. You'll find your gems. 

Have a great weekend. Hopefully this rain isn't going to get the best of you.