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Weekender | V.9

It's finally Friday!! Let's celebrate!

This week has been busy in the best way.  I'm super excited to be working on a social media project for the office (hence the above gif of my lovely coworker tossing crumpled post-its). Basically, I get to turn my creative on. And as of tomorrow I will be fully moved into my new apartment. 

I was hoping this week's Frank Ocean rumors were true, and this whole playlist could have been his new album. But despite the mysterious video uploaded to his website, the wait continues. 

This Weekender playlist has some jams. I tossed in the new Ansel Elgort (from The Fault in Our Stars) track.  He's been DJing under the name "Ansolo" for a few years, but he actually sings on this new song 'Home Alone'. His voice reminds me a tiny bit of Sam Smith. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more. The sounds of Eryn Allen Kane are the third track in. For such a tiny person, her voice is massive. The song 'Sunday' comes from her second EP "Aviary: Act II". She collaborated with ThirdStory (from Weekender | V.6) and the harmonies are insane. Another favorite from this week's playlist is 'Closer' by JMR. I've had it stuck in my head for a few days now.  

In case you missed it, Instagram just launched a stories feature. It's basically Snapchat stories. But I've been posting a 'Song of the Day' since Wednesday. So if you need something to hold you over in between playlists, find me @chaosofkyra. 

Next weekend, I head to LA to see the ultimate sob queen, Adele. Please anticipate bawling snapchats, and cheesy friendship photos.