Weekender | V.8

I kid you not when I say that the last two weeks have been a whirlwind. But what it breaks down to is the fact that I am moving! I'm packing my records, wardrobe, and giant comfy chair and moving to Midtown. My dearest friend Teresa and I have found the cutest apartment in the perfect location. You guys, IT HAS A BALCONY. Picture me drinking all the coffee (and mimosas) on it. We move in at the end of the month... which means, I'm stressing about money, but looking forward to the DIY projects, cooking all the vegetarian meals my heart desires, and many Midtown photoshoots. (Seriously, let me know if you want to go exploring!) 

This weeks playlist is a bit of a mix. There's some bouncy tracks, mixed with a few softer sounds. I'm really excited about James Vincent McMorrow's new album. The first single 'Rising Water' is quite different from the ethereal landscapes he painted in his second album. But incredibly enjoyable. His vocals never cease to amaze me. (P.S. He's equally if not more stunning live. Go see him if you can.) I've also included some songs from a few of my favorite UK ladies: Lauren Aquilina, Gabrielle Aplin, and Nina Nesbitt. Nina's 'Live Take' EP used to be on constant rotation. I had a chance run in with her at a City and Colour concert in London a few years back. She was so lovely to speak with and I'm pleased she's started to release new songs. It's rad that her latest releases have been named after cities, like 'Ontario'. I've also thrown in some artists that were on V.7's playlist. Zak Abel did a collab with Tom Misch and Grace's full album 'FMA' was recently released. Her song 'Boys Boys Boys' is a jam. Lastly, I rounded up the playlist with Ryan Gosling (because swoon), his track from the upcoming movie LA LA Land is so good. I love the whistling throughout it.


Have a wonderful weekend friends. All my love.