Weekender | V.7

It's been a while since I've sat down to write here. Work has been crazy as per usual. But it's been a really good crazy. I had a chance to offer my knowledge of Instagram to a growing skincare company. It was such a strange thing to be pulled into a meeting just to spend an hour talking about tactics to improve engagement on Instagram. It got real nerdy, real quick. 

This past weekend I spent trying to catch up on things that I've been putting off for the last month or so. I really needed to sit down and work on posts for this blog, as well as fall down the research rabbit hole for grad school. It's only cursory research, I haven't made any real steps or progress towards applying. But it's nice to start considering the future. 

Which leads me to this playlist. It's has tracks from artists I think will really turn heads in the next few months or year. Daniel Caesar comes from the Toronto music scene, and vocally he makes me want to melt. I also really love Zak Abel's song 'Running from Myself'. Australian singer Grace (Sewell) reminds me a bit of Amy Winehouse. Her song 'Hope You Understand' has been on repeat for the last week or so.  Also, did you know Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley has a band? They're called MOTHXR. Check out my favorite track, 'Easy', from their album Centerfold.

Are you listening to anything interesting right now? Let me know below.